Training & Education

Training and Education

Training & Education

Natural Gas Hydrate (NGH) occurs within the 'gas hydrate stability zone that extends from the seafloor for some distance into the sediments.  Its base will rarely be more than 1 km below the seafloor. The lower limit of this zone is determined by a variety of factors including geothermal gradient, water depth, seafloor temperature, heat conductivity of the sediments, and factors pertinent to the NGH petroleum system. 

As production of natural gas from NGH approaches commercialization, an increasing number of companies and government agencies have found that their energy professionals have a need for an introduction to this important emerging field. As one of the world’s leading consultancies for NGH, HEI has been providing training and consulting services to a broad range of organizations throughout the world. HEI has designed and conducted training to meet each client’s specific needs, from management overviews to extensive, in-depth courses and hands-on interpretation with client personnel. 

Our clients include government agencies, contractors working directly for government agencies, and companies in the United States, Latin America, Europe, and Asia. HEI is focused on activities leading to commercial extraction of natural gas from NGH, on the effect of NGH on drilling safety and seafloor stability, and on new technology development for drilling and production.

Basic Short Course Outline: 
Fundamentals of Natural Gas Hydrate

Our short course material is typically divided into modules that can be configured to meet each client's needs.

Our courses can include the following:

  • Energy Future
  • NGH Basics
  • NGH Chemistry 
  • NGH in the Marine  Environment
  • NGH in the Permafrost  Environment
  • Gas Hydrate Stability Zone
  • Geohazards
  • Drilling Safety
  • Production Safety
  • Geophysical Processing
  • Resource Assessment and Potential
  • Exploration Technology
  • Well Logging
  • Coring
  • Production Technology
  • Economics

For reference to topics that may be covered and as course materials provided, see:

Max, M.D. and Johnson, A.H., 2016, Exploration and Production of Oceanic Natural Gas Hydrate: Critical Factors for Commercialization, Springer, Berlin, Dordrecht, 405p.

As an extension of the course, an HEI interpretation expert will review your company’s seismic data with your staff (strict confidentiality will be maintained).